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Mozilla Firefox Dumps Google in Favor of Yahoo! Search

Firefox users conduct more than 100 billion searches per year &amp beginning in December Yahoo! will be the default search option in the US, below a new five year agreement.

Google has been the Firefox global search default because 2004. Our agreement came up for renewal this year, and we took this as an chance to overview our competitive technique and explore our possibilities.

In evaluating our search partnerships, our primary consideration was to guarantee our approach aligned with our values of decision and independence, and positions us to innovate and advance our mission in techniques that greatest serve our users and the Internet. In the end, each and every of the partnership possibilities obtainable to us had robust, enhanced financial terms reflecting the significant value that Firefox brings to the ecosystem. But one technique stood out from the rest.

In Russia they will default to Yandex &amp in China they will default to Baidu.

One particular weird factor about that announcement is there is no mention of Europe &amp Google’s dominance is far higher in Europe. I wonder if there was a quiet deal with Google in Europe, if they nonetheless don’t have their Europe technique in spot, or what their method is.

Added: Danny Sullivan confirmed Google stay the default search engine in Firefox in Europe, though there is no formal economic deal associated with the partnership.

Google paid Firefox roughly $ 300 million per year for the default search placement. Yahoo!’s annual search revenue is on the order of $ 1.8 billion per year, so if they came close to paying $ 300 million a year, then Yahoo! has to presume they are going to get at least a handful of percentage points of search marketshare lift for this to spend for itself.

It also makes sense that Yahoo! would be a a lot more all-natural partner fit for Mozilla than Bing would. If Mozilla partnered with Bing they would risk developer blowback from pent up rage about anti-competitive Net Explorer company practices from ten or 15 years ago.

It is also worth mentioning our recent post about how Yahoo! boosts search RPM by undertaking about a half dozen distinct tricks to preference paid search final results whilst blending in the organic results.

  Yahoo Advertisements Yahoo Organic Final results
Placement best of the web page beneath the ads
Background color none / entirely blended none
Ad label modest gray text to correct of advertiser URL n/a
Sitelinks frequently 5 or 6 generally none, unless branded query
Extensions star ratings, and so forth. usually none
Keyword bolding on for title, description, URL &amp sitelinks off
Underlines ad title &amp sitelinks, URL on scroll more than off
Click target complete background of ad location is clickable only the listing title is clickable


Although the revenue juicing stuff from above wasn’t present in the screenshot Mozilla shared about Yahoo!’s new clean search layout they will offer Firefox customers.

It shows red ad labels to the left of the advertisements and bolding on each the ads &amp organics.

Here is Marissa Mayer’s take:

At Yahoo, we think deeply in search – it is an region of investment and chance for us. It is also a essential development location for us – we’ve now observed 11 consecutive quarters of development in our search income on an ex-TAC basis. This partnership assists to expand our attain in search and provides us an opportunity to function even a lot more closely with Mozilla to locate methods to innovate in search, communications, and digital content material. I’m also excited about the lengthy-term framework we created with Mozilla for future product integrations and expansion into international markets.

Our teams worked closely with Mozilla to create a clean, modern day, and immersive search experience that will launch first to Firefox’s U.S. users in December and then to all Yahoo customers in early 2015.

Even if Microsoft is only acquiring a slice of the revenues, this makes the Bing organic &amp ad ecosystem stronger even though hurting Google. (Unless of course this is a step 1 before Marissa finds a way to nix the Bing deal and companion back up with Google on search). Yahoo! already has a partnership to run Google contextual advertisements. A prospective Yahoo! Google search partnership was blocked back in 2008. Yahoo! also syndicates Bing search advertisements in a contextual format to other websites through Media.net and has their Gemini Stream Advertisements product which powers some of their search ads on mobile devices and on content material sites is a native ad option to Outbrain and Taboola. When they syndicate the native ads to other web sites, the advertisements are referred to as Yahoo! Recommends.

Each Amazon and eBay have lately defected (at least partially) from the Google ad ecosystem. Amazon has also been pushing to extend their ad network out to other sites.

Greg Sterling worries this may be a income threat for Firefox: “there may possibly be some monetary threat for Firefox in leaving Google.” Missing from that point of view:

  • How much significantly less Google paid Mozilla just before the most current contract lifted by a competitive bid from Microsoft
  • If Bing goes away, Google will drastically claw down on the income share offered to other search partners.
    • Google takes 45% from YouTube publishers
    • Google took more than a half-decade (and a lawsuit) to even share what their AdSense income share was
    • appear at eHow’s stock performance
    • While Google’s search ad revenue has grown about 20% per year their companion ad network revenues have stagnated as their visitors acquisition expenses as a % of revenue have dropped

The great point about all the Google defections is the more networks there are the a lot more opportunities there are to discover 1 which performs nicely / is a excellent match for whatever you are promoting, particularly as Google adds various force bought junk to their ad network – be it mobile “Enhanced” campaigns or destroying precise match keyword targeting.


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