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Printing Business Cards in Word | Video Tutorial

Printing Business Cards in Word | Video Tutorial

We’ll show you how to use Microsoft Word to simply design and print some organization cards. Now, employing Word for style and printing applications is not advised for skilled use, but will be fine for a house printing project. This tutorial is not meant for specialist printing, so head over to http://www.shmoggo.com for high top quality custom business card printing!

This is a video displaying you how we print our Organization Cards at Sense Creative. You will see how our Company Cards are printed and then how we apply a Spot UV finish to our cards. If you have a shaped Company Card we show you how these are reduce out employing the Zund Cutter.
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  1. chao you
    chao you01-13-2015

    I use this to make note cards, Thank you for the video!!

  2. Suyapa Ramos
    Suyapa Ramos01-13-2015

    Nice! Thank you! (:

  3. Evey- chan
    Evey- chan01-13-2015

    Would this be the same as making place cards for weddings?

  4. larebeldedel809

    you are a genius!!! love this!

  5. Keturah Williams
    Keturah Williams01-13-2015

    Thank You So Much! You Are the Best! This Was So Simple!!!!!! God Bless You

  6. katja howard
    katja howard01-13-2015


  7. Sally Misiti
    Sally Misiti01-13-2015

    Thank You :)

  8. Pål Christian
    Pål Christian01-13-2015

    how do you do this with pictures in the columns?

  9. farid5244

    good job. really helpful and simple

  10. Tee Smith
    Tee Smith01-13-2015

    Thank you.

  11. GoldenNinja777

    When im at table properties>row, i cant get it to inch it is on cm

  12. Rkylim83

    very helpful thanks!

  13. stefan koch
    stefan koch01-13-2015
  14. Eddy Lomas
    Eddy Lomas01-13-2015

    Thank you :-)