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Brief video showing the simple processes involved when 3d printing with the ZCorp 650 Complete color 3D printer.

Printing, Vacuum excess powder, De-powdering, and post processing or “dipping” of the 3d printed parts. Kraftwurx(dot)com offers the widest range of supplies and finishes for your 3d prints.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

  1. SelestineArts

    Full COlot silkscreen printing (CMYK Process)
    #tshirtprinting #silkscreenprinting 

  2. jason avery
    jason avery01-25-2015

    how to make color separation for screen ??? reveal some special stuff? what
    software to use?

    DROIDZ DC01-25-2015

    paano po ba magsimula ng ganyang t-shirt printing..

  4. saúl hérnandez lisboa
    saúl hérnandez lisboa01-25-2015


  5. Tuan Nguyen
    Tuan Nguyen01-25-2015

    is that plastisol ink?

  6. John StarLord
    John StarLord01-25-2015

    saan ba pweding mabili ang plastisol na ink sir ? beginner pa lang po ako .
    i need more help .

  7. shahid sheikh
    shahid sheikh01-25-2015

    I,m a color master”I Like your photo print i am coming your
    country so give me visa

  8. mohamed aljawder
    mohamed aljawder01-25-2015

    I did already register in your forums . can you make video about how
    stretching stencil manually for cmyk printing please? another thing what
    is the angles you did use to print the positive films (cmyk) using accurip?
    I mean did you use for each color different angle or you did use 22.5 for
    all (CMYK) films and flashing in between each print? 

  9. Elie Kidlat
    Elie Kidlat01-25-2015

    how make the 4 silk frame sir? thanks.
    this is a good work.

  10. Dangle Supply
    Dangle Supply01-25-2015

    Would you be willing to print shirts for money?

  11. The Gotcha888
    The Gotcha88801-25-2015
  12. Cyrus john Baybayon
    Cyrus john Baybayon01-25-2015

    Good job

  13. الرفاعى محمد
    الرفاعى محمد01-25-2015

    مبدع ………….ابداع 

  14. Mark Anthony Castillon
    Mark Anthony Castillon01-25-2015


  15. Jesus Arrieta
    Jesus Arrieta01-25-2015

    jejejeje perfecto *.*

  16. luisa fernandez
    luisa fernandez01-25-2015

    Wow Que Impresionante La Convinacion De Colores Simplemente Wow

  17. Mustpha Mustpha
    Mustpha Mustpha01-25-2015

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  18. mohamed aljawder
    mohamed aljawder01-25-2015

    if you are using accurip then why did you flash your each color print I
    think accurip is generating on Flamenco single line half tone and one angle
    which mean no need flash wet on wet unless you specify for every color of
    CMYK angle ie C15 M45 Y75 K75 in this case you need to flash in between 

  19. John Resurreccion
    John Resurreccion01-25-2015

    bro ang galing saktong sakto, anung size ng frame mo bro? salamat :)

  20. Robert Chu
    Robert Chu01-25-2015

    Great stuff! Are you flashing each colour before you lay down the next
    colour? If yes is it possible to get away from not flashing it?


  21. Mauricio Magaña
    Mauricio Magaña01-25-2015

    What are you using for better color results, ColorBond or EpsonSalt? We
    want the brightest color possible but with a 460+

  22. Chris Norman
    Chris Norman01-25-2015

    Full Color 3D Printing at Kraftwurx.com

  23. Mr.Minecraft

    3D Printers are awesome!!!!! I’m getting one very soon!!!!

  24. Drivers de Impresora
    Drivers de Impresora01-25-2015

    Solo era cuestion de tiempo, para que las impresoras 3d pudiesen crean
    figuras en 3d a colores. Acabo de encontrar este video que muestra el
    resultado, un juguete genial. Full Color 3D Printing at Kraftwurx.com

  25. Storm Rising
    Storm Rising01-25-2015

    Xelimos, the new google+ comment system isn’t working correctly. So I
    cannot reply directly to your comment. The resolution of the 3d printer is
    600 x 540 dpi (dots per inch). Very accurate for both small and large
    complex models. 

  26. Kraftwurx
  27. Shih-Wen Su
    Shih-Wen Su01-25-2015
  28. Kraftwurx

    We plan to release HD video of this process and other 3d print processes in
    the near future stay tuned!

  29. linksalot

    I work with a bunch of idiots that would try to scan in their bottom and
    then print it… creeps!!

  30. Poodleinacan

    They wont be sturdy.

  31. Kraftwurx

    Kraftwurx uses the right technology for the right application. Zcorp is the
    wrong technology for this. The right one would be envisiontec in nano

  32. gohan100100

    I know. I was joking.

  33. Storm Rising
    Storm Rising01-26-2015

    It could be the print heads are dirty or need to be cleaned. Also the
    cleaning station should be cleaned and rinsed with distilled water. Feel
    free to message me directly for help with the zcorp printers.

  34. Morph Verse
    Morph Verse01-26-2015

    Soon we will also have 3d printers that combine many other materials in one

  35. StormRisingOriginal

    Makerbots produce crappy low-res models with thick build lines. This Color
    printer makes high res models with fantastic details.

  36. David Mc
    David Mc01-26-2015

    At $80,000 each I don’t see them changing much of anything for a long time.
    The cheaper printers have no color and print low res items with lines over
    the entire surface. They can do amazing things. Look for 3d Printed
    Humanoid on You Tube. Amazing project using a cheap 3d printer. Mine cost
    under $700 with some plastic for printing and can print his robot parts for
    a full scale humanoid robot.

  37. Роман Джафаров
    Роман Джафаров01-26-2015


  38. TheMisplacedReviews

    ………..1 million dollars? 😮

  39. Snopelo

    worth it

  40. Xelimos

    3D printing RL androids? Anyone??

  41. Kraftwurx

    Must of been in Texas, many say that here.

  42. Kraftwurx

    Exactly, no need to buy a 75k 3d printer. Kraftwurx offers tons of 3d print
    materials capable of producing high-detailed toys and figurines. Just
    upload your .stl or .obj models to Kraftwurx and choose a 3d print material!