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Beginner Web Design Ep. 1: What is Web Design?

In Episode 1, we take a look at what web design and style really is, and go more than the necessities.

In this series, we cover several elements of creating content material for the net, from notion to production.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Believed I’d record myself designing in Photoshop and then speed it up so you see the action take location in five minutes!
Video Rating: four / five

  1. S Ventura
    S Ventura01-21-2015

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    Sunnyvale SEO01-21-2015

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    Beginner Web Design Ep. 1: What is Web Design?

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  26. Sean Jamshidi
    Sean Jamshidi01-22-2015

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  27. migo33 .
    migo33 .01-22-2015

    Using PS for web design. what a waste of time. a million clicks to achieve
    a simple layout that can be done in FW, Sketch or InDesign in a fraction of
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    dawit dessalegn01-22-2015

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  29. Jordan Simpson
    Jordan Simpson01-22-2015

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  31. david jones
    david jones01-22-2015

    Nice job..A suggestion to speed things up even faster, why not do the
    entire layout in Dreamweaver and just do the graphics in Fireworks and
    export..Save’s half the time, no slicing needed..Just a thought, because I
    used to design like this but now I do 75% of the work in dreamweaver..

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    Ben Afia Anis01-22-2015

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  41. Andotski

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